10 Tips To Buying Your First New HOME

Many people thing that buying a home is one of the best and biggest investments they will make. You want to be sure your getting a good home in great condition for a great value. Who doesn’t right!

Well, here I want to share with you 10 tips when buying a home.

10 Tips For The First Time Buyer

1. You will want to get a well trusted realtor that will help you get the best home for your money. I would talk to at least 5 different realtors and get a feel for them as a person. It is also a good idea to talk to friends and family to see if they know a one personally or did business with them and had a good experience.

2. Talk to your bank and get pre-approved. If this is indeed your first time buying a home there are great first-time home buyers that you can take advantage of to save you money in the long run. I would compare banks as well so you can get the best intrust rate possible and make sure it is a fixed rate.

The last thing you want to do is having your house payment increasing due to the market fluctuation. Stay away from arm loans as well and make sure there are no penalties for early payoff.

3. Set a prices that you can afford and don’t go over it. Most home loans are for 30 years so make sure that your not spending more then you can. You don’t want to be stressing every month on paying your house payment.

4. Don’t get into a rush and buy the first house that you see. Take some time to find the right home for the right price. It will happen just make sure you have some patience. If you get into a big hurry first of all you will get frustrated because closing on a house can take some time and you want to make sure there is nothing majorly wrong with it.

5. If you find a home that you love everything, location, floor plan, yard, and every thing else, but the kitchen or the bathroom, you can looking special loans that will allow you to finance the remodeling service within the loan.

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Epic Senior Parties!

The story starts out in the morning of the day when I was a senior in high school and the most epic party. The morning starts a great went out to breakfast, it was delicious. At this time I didn’t know that I’d be attending such a badass party, as we were in high school.

We knew that it was against the law to drink under the age of 21, but who waits until they’re 21 to start drinking!… LOL

I don’t remember exactly what we did that day, I think I might have worked for a little while or something. I had a new car- well it was new to me and I I don’t believe that I’ve had it that long.

So later that night with a bunch of us headed up to my buddies house in the mountains it was in the wintertime and the roads were slick, very slick. My buddy lived up a road that was off the main road and at the end of it you had to go kind of up a hill.

Everybody was sliding off the his road into the snow and getting stuck it was no good but I got up their early enough so my car was parked writer needs the deck. They just happen to be a plant or planter on the railing of the deck. At some point of the night someone knock that pot off the deck and it landed directly in the middle of my windshield. It almost made a hole in it.

That wasn’t the epic part, the epic part was sharing stories with friends having a few beers and the laughs we shared. Ya I did get pretty drunk and I’m not sure how many people were there, probably about 30 to 50 or so. It was a good party and I think we drink two kegs.

Minus the spillage, I think about 5 gallons of beer was spilled on the carpet throughout the house. Lets just say that my buddies for parents were less then happy and to think about they very mad when they got back into town and smelled the mess. They had to hire a carpet cleaner to come and clean up all of the beer from the carpets.

Let’s just say that it was the last big party we had at his house.

Can you think of a time when you had an epic party when you were in high school?

I remember my sister going to party, it was like their senior party I believe. They went up to the mountains with tent set up because they didn’t want to drink and drive. So they were staying up there so they could party hard i guess.

Well let’s just say this party was well advertised that even the swat team from a local city showed up and arrested almost everyone that was there my sister had to call our parents to pick her up from jail in the middle of the night.

Let’s just say my mom was not happy nor my dad was thrilled about it either. But just thinking back of the good times and the stores this created and now I can share with you today.

I want to leave you one more thought of the day – because of what you do with your time because the only time you have is now!


Ski Trip Gone Wrong!!

Hello and welcome back!

I just want to tell you a story today about a time that we went skiing. I was around the age of 14 or so, there were six of us going skiing. It was my sister her boyfriend, a couple of her friends and one of my friends.

Early one morning around 6 AM we loaded up the car loaded up six pairs of skis on an old bear crafters, piece of shit ski rack on a 1988 Toyota Camry, this was around 94 or so. We all hop in the car excited to hit the slopes at Grand Targhee ski resort. We hit the freeway just getting up to speed maybe 5 miles or so, we hear a noise on the top of the car that goes down the back and off the trunk, yes you guessed it! The whole ski rack flew off the car basically drove off the trunk. It landed on the freeway with skis all intact and it’s scraping down the road. I look back saw sparks flying and I was like oh shit. We abruptly pulled over to the side of the road in a panic, my friend and I ran back to get the skis out of the middle of the highway so the car would run them over.

That’s the last thing we want, was to damage somebody’s car! So my friend and I grab the skis, they actually weren’t damaged too bad other then a couple of scrapes on the tips and to on the back part of the bindings. I grabbed the ski rack and we took the skis off, that ski rack got thrown away.

We packed the skis in the car and all six of us drove back home and showed her parents of the damage. My dad being the nice guy that he is said hey why don’t you guys take my Toyota truck you can throw the skis in the back and all you guys will fit!

So that’s what we did we all packed into this midsize to add a truck like a Toyota pick up today like a said this is around 93 or so. We hopped in the pick-up, hit the freeway and we were only behind about an hour at this point it was around 7 o’clock with plenty of time to get up to the ski area and ski for the day. Everything was going great we are driving down the highway making good time. We rounded pretty much one of the last corners before we actually hit the ski hill to drive at the windee road.

We crossed the river and it just so happens that bridge had ice on it, yes, the back tire slid out we are going sideways down the road and then the truck kind of caught and drove straight into the guardrail messing up the right front quarter panel on the truck. Everybody was okay except for the truck of course. So what we totally do we called Pocatello Towing Service because we couldn’t drive the truck because the the right front quarter panel is crunched into the tire so it just wouldn’t work.

We did however catch a ride with some other friends and we did go skiing we had a great day all in all, we created about $4000 in damage to two of our parents vehicles, but we did ski great day and it was fun so that’s my story for today come back tomorrow maybe there will be another story maybe it won’t but anyways make it a great day!

Let’s just say that my parents were not the happiest, because the month previous they had to replace the roof on our house. The roof was just getting old due to the weather and sun! The roofing company that came out to replace it was very professional and they did great work. Not really sure how much the cost was, but from what I heard from my parents they got a really good price as well!


What is the best way to market your local business online???

Speech BubblesWhen it comes to marketing online there are many things that go into the fundamentals of marketing. When you start online marketing for specific business or product or service you must keep one thing in mind.

Who is your best customer?

Who is the person that is most likely to buy your product?

When you can answer those 2 questions then you can start your marketing. You will need to figure out what are the best keywords that people are searching that want to buy your product. If you are selling tires for vehicles you don’t want to be targeting people that are looking for bicycle tires… LOL.

So here’s a little strategy that I use to market for local businesses. It’s for starts with a website, you want to think of your website as a home for all the information on said product or service. Content is king! When your building that website you must put as much wordage and as many pages as you can. You basically want to get all the information on the product or service that you were offering and you must position this in a way that makes your potential customer want to give you their contact information or call your phone number. You should have a contact you form on every page, preferably on the top right.

When it comes to SEO on-page, don’t worry about it that much just write about your product or service and the keywords will be in the post. Google is getting smarter when it comes to keyword stuffing, you want to play it safe you don’t want to get slapped back to nonexistent do you? So after you get the website all set up and the content done, do you want original content that you come up with, no copying from any of the websites that will not help you, well it will help you go to page 100.

Here’s an example

There is a local limo company that was having problems getting new business and didn’t have a website up and running. So we put all of the tactics found on this page into place and lets just say that this limo owner is not having any trouble finding more work! If you are ever in the area let them take you out for the night!

So when he comes off page helping your website rank you want to complete local citations. Citations are basically just web directories like, Yahoo, Google, Bing and other websites like, business-to-business marketing just depends on what your niches. After get your citations done, build a Facebook page and a Google plus page. Once you get your social marketing done you can set up a Google adwords account and start running some ads for your product or service. When you start paying for some ads this will give you a blueprint map of what people are searching for that pertains to your service or product.

Then the biggest part of online marketing is going to be your back linking strategy basically what you need is powerful back links that pertain to your product or service. A good way to accomplish this is to do guest blog posts on other people’s websites if they will let you. Basically what you want to do is contact people that have blogs or websites that pertained your niche and ask them if you can do a guest blog post for them. When you do this you will put a link back to your website in that guest post which creates a back-link so you getting power and relevant information pointing back to your website. If you have any questions go ahead and ask them at the bottom.

Happy Marketing!